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Mexico's President Wants U.S. to Ratify USMCA
USAgNet - 10/22/2019

In an unusual move the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had a letter hand-delivered to the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee supporting the United States Mexico Canada trade agreement.

According to Fox Business News, Mexican Undersecretary Jesus Seade hand-delivered the letter during a meeting with Representative Richard Neal about the replacement for NAFTA.

Mexico ratified USMCA on June 19th. The trade agreement has moved its way through the Canadian process. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada will ratify USMCA when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi brings it up for a vote. Trudeau last summer made personal calls and visits to Speaker Pelosi to alleviate her fears about worker protections in the deal.

The letter from the Mexican President to Rep Richard Neal does the same. It goes into detail how the Mexican Government has started the Labor Force reforms required under USMCA. The letter outlines, among other points, how Mexico has raised its minimum wage for workers across the nation by 16 percent. It singles out the areas along Mexico's northern border where Lopez Obrador says the government doubled minimum wage. He makes the case for enforcement in the trade deal.

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