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2024 Conservation legacy award honors leading soybean farmers
USAgNet - 02/28/2024

The American Soybean Association proudly announces the regional winners of the 2024 Conservation Legacy Award, a testament to the sustainable achievements of soybean farmers across the United States. These farmers, hailing from diverse agricultural regions, have been selected for their innovative practices that not only enhance their farms' productivity but also contribute significantly to environmental preservation.

Brad and Joyce Doyle from Weiner, Arkansas, are recognized for integrating water management and reservoir construction into their farming operations, ensuring sustainability for future generations. Their efforts epitomize the balance between economic viability and environmental responsibility.

Jacob Kaderly, a farmer from Monticello, Wisconsin, employs no-till and cover crops as the cornerstone of his conservation efforts. His approach reflects a commitment to improving water infiltration, reducing erosion, and bolstering soil health, thereby securing the farm's future productivity.

Donald Morse of Birch Run, Michigan, has been pioneering conservation tillage since 1975. His dedication to soil preservation and sustainable farming practices has made a lasting impact, demonstrating how strategic conservation efforts can enhance soil organic matter and reduce dependency on synthetic fertilizers.

Chris Von Holten from Walnut, Illinois, inspired by the challenges of soil erosion and drought, has focused on soil preservation through no-till farming and the use of cover crops. His management strategies are designed to improve soil health across varied soil types, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to agricultural sustainability.

These farmers will be honored at the ASA Awards Celebration during the Commodity Classic, where one will be named the national winner. Their stories of stewardship and innovation serve as inspiring examples of how dedicated farmers are working towards more sustainable and productive agricultural systems.

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