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Australia Expected to Produce Another Large Grain Crop
USAgNet - 08/18/2022

Australia is expected to produce a third consecutive big grain crop in marketing year 2022/23 after a record setting winter crop and strong summer crop production in 2021/22.

Another broadly favorable set of conditions around the time of winter grain planting and the early growth phase across most production regions bodes well for wheat and barley production. Wheat production is forecast at 31 million metric tons (MMT), down from the record-breaking crop of 36.3 MMT but still the fourth largest in history.

Similarly, barley production is forecast at 11 MMT, down from the previous year’s 13.7 MMT record. Sorghum production is forecast for another big production year in 2022/23, but will also decline, after making big gains in 2021/22 and achieving record yields.

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