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Presia Ag Insights: McCain's Leap into Sustainable Agriculture Tech
USAgNet - 11/29/2023

In an exciting development for the agricultural sector, McCain Foods has announced the launch of Presia Ag Insights. This new division represents a breakthrough in agricultural technology, offering unprecedented support to farmers and food companies.

Presia embodies a decade of innovation in digital technology, specializing in satellite-based intelligence to revolutionize crop growth monitoring and regenerative agricultural practices. This new venture is a product of McCain's acquisition of Resson's predictive crop portfolio, integrating advanced vision-intelligence-based technologies for precise crop assessment.

Led by Peter Dawe, Chief Growth and Strategy Officer at McCain Foods, Presia aims to utilize the company's deep-rooted expertise in potato farming to provide broader capabilities to the agricultural sector. Tyler Hennick, Managing Director of Presia, highlights the unit's focus on enhancing decision-making capabilities through satellite imaging and machine learning.

The Ontario and Eastern Canada-based Presia team, comprised of seasoned data scientists and software developers, brings nearly a decade of experience in potato crop-monitoring technologies. This expertise is now being channeled to offer in-depth insights into crop performance, aiding in more accurate yield estimates and efficient crop monitoring.

Although initially focused on potatoes, Presia's scope is expected to expand to other specialty crops in the future. The team is dedicated to measuring plant health, supporting crop quality, and tracking regenerative agriculture practices, customized to meet the specific needs of their partners.

McCain Foods' launch of Presia Ag Insights marks a significant stride in sustainable agriculture, offering innovative solutions for modern-day farming challenges and paving the way for a more efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural industry.

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