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24th Missouri Livestock Symposium - A beacon for future beef production
Missouri Ag Connection - 11/27/2023

The 24th annual Missouri Livestock Symposium, scheduled for December 1 and 2, is set to be an enlightening event for beef producers, highlighting future challenges and opportunities in the industry. Garry L. Mathes, the chairman of the symposium, emphasizes the importance of this event for farmers and ranchers looking to advance in management and marketing skills.

The symposium, taking place at Matthew Middle School in Missouri, will feature a diverse lineup of speakers. Dr. Joe Horner, a State Ag Economics Specialist from the University of Missouri Extension, will delve into strategies for bulletproofing beef operations.

Dr. Eric Bailey, a State Beef Specialist, is set to discuss innovative approaches to feeding cows, especially in scenarios of feed scarcity. Wesley Tucker, an MU Extension Agribusiness Specialist, will analyze the trends in cattle prices versus production costs, a crucial topic given the current economic environment.

Chris Perry, DVM from Bethel, Missouri, will address vital health aspects, focusing on deworming strategies and liver fluke control in cattle. Zac Erwin, the Symposium's vice-chair and MU Extension Livestock Specialist, highlights the significance of these discussions, especially in a rapidly changing industry landscape.

Apart from these specialized talks, the symposium will also cover other pertinent topics like beef cow leasing and pasture purchase prices. Erwin points out the critical nature of decision-making in the current economic climate, where informed choices can have significant impacts.

The event will also feature an agricultural trade show, running concurrently over the two days, and multiple tracks covering various aspects of livestock and farming, including horses, sheep, market goats, forages, stock dogs, and farm succession planning.

A highlight of the symposium will be the keynote speech by Corbitt Wall, a Livestock Market Analyst for DV Auction, on Friday night. In addition to the enriching sessions, attendees will be treated to complimentary meals, sponsored by Missouri commodity groups.

Free to the public, the Missouri Livestock Symposium is supported by numerous sponsors, including the University of Missouri Extension and the Missouri Department of Agriculture, reflecting its significance in the agricultural community. This symposium is not just an educational event but a testament to the vibrant agricultural community in Missouri and neighboring states.

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