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Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources Unveils Drought Relief Plan
Missouri Ag Connection - 06/07/2023

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has swiftly introduced its Drought Mitigation and Response Plan following Governor Mike Parson's declaration of a drought alert. With a particular focus on assisting the agriculture industry, the plan includes various strategies to combat the challenging conditions.

Michael Weller, the surface water section chief at the DNR, highlighted key measures outlined in the response plan. These measures involve utilizing administrative rules to facilitate grazing and haying operations, allowing hay transportation on highways. Additionally, the plan aims to increase water supplies for livestock from state lands, ensuring adequate resources for farmers.

In addition to supporting farmers, the DNR's plan also emphasizes water conservation practices for homeowners. Weller suggested the installation of water-efficient fixtures to reduce consumption. For those irrigating their lawns, he advised doing so in the early morning when relative humidity is highest, optimizing water usage.

Further details on the drought alert and the DNR's mitigation efforts can be found on their official website at As drought conditions persist, the implementation of these measures seeks to alleviate the impact on Missouri's agricultural sector and encourage responsible water use among residents.

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